WordPress Website Maintenance: a WordPress Expert for On-going Maintenance

Website Maintenance: WordPress & Woocommerce Website Service & MaintenanceIf you created your website with WordPress, you’ll have an easy time editing and adding new content to it. The WordPress platform has simplified the website management process so that novices without web programming knowledge can succeed. However, it is imperative to put in place a WordPress website maintenance plan. Information technology gets updated frequently, which means you cannot build a WordPress website and then leave it alone for a year. Consistent maintenance will ensure the website stays operational and safe for you and everyone who visits it.

Let’s discuss the top 4 elements that should go into a website maintenance plan.

  1. Core Updates: WordPress core updates are the primary software updates for the platform that runs your website. These updates are essential because they help improve the functionality, stability, and navigation of your website. If you fail to update your WordPress platform, then it could interrupt the experience of its visitors.
  2. Security Checks: You should have a security suite and anti-virus plugins installed on your WordPress website. Conduct a virus scan and security check periodically to ensure no viruses, malware, or other hacking attempts occur. If you see an area that could use better security, consider switching to a better security plugin.
  3. Update the Themes and Plugins: When you have themes and plugins installed, they can easily be updated if any updates are available by their developers. These updates can improve the functionality of the themes and plugins to ensure their functionality and usefulness are maximized. Then you will have optimized the performance of your website.
  4. Website Backups: WordPress lets you back up the data files of your website. We will create a backup archive of your website at least once per week. The backup archive will store all the data files for the current state of your website. That way, if your website ever becomes hacked or malfunctions, you can reboot the website by using the backup files you saved.

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