Website Maintenance Services: Let Us Keep Your Website Up and Running

Website Maintenance & Support ServicesOkay, so you have a website built and designed to your satisfaction. Now you need to make sure it stays functional, popular, and productive to serve your personal or business interests. Propelfolio Website Design offers professional website maintenance services designed to protect your website’s security, integrity, and usability.

If your website were to malfunction or go down for whatever reason, it could do a lot of damage to your brand image. People might stop taking your business seriously and look somewhere else to do business. But with the right maintenance services, you can ensure your website stays online 99.99999% of the time. Then you can continue to keep your current followers happy while gaining new followers and leads too.

Here are three good reasons why our website maintenance services can help your business.

  1. Keep Your Website Updated. Websites need to be updated frequently. Everything from the content to the security of a website needs regular updating to stay functional and safe. It is a somewhat repetitive and time-consuming task, which is why you should hire us to do it for you. That way, you can direct your time toward other critical tasks.
  2. Better SEO. Search engine optimization is one of our most recommended website maintenance services. It will ensure the latest SEO strategies are implemented on your website. Then it will continue to rank well in Google and other search engines.
  3. Stop Hackers. Hackers are always looking for vulnerabilities in the security of a website. Once they find these vulnerabilities, the hackers will exploit them to steal sensitive information and upload viruses to the site.

Website maintenance includes checking the security and ensuring it is firm against all potential hacking attempts and viruses. We can analyze your website for vulnerabilities, update the WordPress plug ins, and make sure that you have an on-going website back up strategy. Outsource your “website maintenance” to us today.

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