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A first impression to a potential new client is priceless. A great web design will do that. We create award-winning websites that will make your company look professional and unique. People today are busy; in just a few seconds, they can go from a website landing to website abandonment. Don’t you want a website that attracts, entertains, and compels?

There are many factors to consider when creating a unique website, but the most important is a pleasant customer experience. A good website design should focus on a website that is easy to navigate, so that the customer can easily find what they are looking for. We work with companies throughout the Miami, Florida area: restaurants, doctors and lawyers, eCommerce providers, even surgeons and dentists. Whatever type of small business you have in South Florida, give us a call. Chances are, we’ve designed something similar!

Our web design process includes all that and much more. We find the perfect balance of looks and functionality. Our SEO team has more than 10 years of experience in the web design and SEO industry. We’ve worked with companies from throughout Miami-Dade County.

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A Local Miami Web Design Company

It’s true that in today’s world you can hire a web design company thousands of miles away. You can even outsource to India and beyond. There lies a huge disadvantage in doing that, however: a lack of knowledge of the local market. Will they understand the Florida mentality? Will they understand the lifestyle that makes Miami the envy of the nation? Unless you are a fortune 500 company running a national campaign, you should hire a local web design company that understands the local market as well as you do. We live and work in South Florida, and we understand the business environment of Miami and nearby cities such as Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton.

As part of the local community, our web design firm can bring you a clear understanding of the local business culture, something your customers will highly appreciate.

We have roots in your community and we care for your success. Our office in Miami is at your service and ready to meet your needs.


Our Services – Web Design Made Easy:

  1. Web Design Services, including WordPress and other CMS systems.
  2. eCommerce and WooCommerce design
  3. Ecommerce / Online Shopping Cart Website Solution
  4. Internet Marketing
  5. Website Update and Maintenance

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Not all Web Design Companies are Created Equal

SEO PropelfolioWeb Design, Ecommerce solutions, local search optimization and internet marketing are extremely important for the success of your business. As a result, it is imperative that you preview the services offered by any web design company to identify one that provides professional web design services at an affordable price.

We are very proud of our web design and SEO services and our results.

Social Media is an important part of your web design process. You need to reach your customers through as many social media channels as possible. A professional web design firm will create websites that include all your social icons: Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn and YouTube.

You should also have a clear link to local directories such as Yelp, where customers can post reviews about your company’s services. Integration with search engine optimization is a must, but a professional website designer will connect the human experience to that of the machines.

Interesting Facts about Miami

Miami Website DesignMiami is a fascinating city that abounds with strong culture and history. Today, the multitude of Miami attractions has made it one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in the word! Here are some interesting facts about the ‘Magic City’.

  1. Miami was founded by Julia Tuttle on July 28th, 1896 and is the only major city in the United States of America to be founded by a woman.
  2. Miami derives its name from the ‘Mayaimis’, a Native American tribe who inhabited it until the 17th century. Mayaimis when translated means ‘big water’.
  3. Before development began in the 1920s, Miami Beach was a coconut grove plantation, filled with mangroves. Miami Beach is a completely man-made island.
  4. The unique eco-system of the Everglades is found only in Miami and nowhere else in the world.
  5. In olden times, the shores of Miami were commonly visited by pirates who buried their treasures here. Famous pirates like Blackbeard, Gasparilla, and Lafitte visited the once-secluded beaches of Miami frequently to conceal their booty. Since then, many hidden treasures like gold and silver have been uncovered in Miami.
  6. There are over 800 National Parks in Miami and it is the only city in the U.S. that is bordered by two National parks – The Everglades National Park and the Biscayne National Park.
  7. The Art Deco District of Miami Beach has more than 800 buildings created in the architectural style of Art Deco, a decorative style characterised by bold geometric shapes and bright colors.
  8. Miami is home to many underwater wreck sites that people can dive to explore like oil platforms, ships, army tanks, and even a Boeing 727 jet. This is why Miami Beach is referred to as ‘the Wreck Diving Capital of the World’.


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