Propelfolio, a Best-in-class eCommerce and Woocommerce Design Company Serving Boca Raton & West Palm Beach, Announces New Content

Propelfolio, a Best-in-class eCommerce and Woocommerce Design Company Serving Boca Raton & West Palm Beach, Announces New Content

Boca Raton, Florida – December 23, 2020 – Propelfolio, a best-in-class website maintenance and web design company serving Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, and nearby South Florida communities, is proud to announce new content focused on eCommerce and Woocommerce website design for Florida and beyond. design company based in Boca RatonWith the massive shift towards the Internet, the company is seeing more and more small business owners who are interested in launching, or upgrading, their eCommerce capabilities. Woocommerce is the fantastically popular eCommerce upgrade for WordPress websites.

“We are excited to showcase our eCommerce and Woocommerce capabilities with new content,” explained Luis Cartaya, owner of Propelfolio. “Businesses in South Florida that want to leverage the Internet can do so by reading the content and then reaching out to us for a no obligation consultation on their eCommerce design needs..”

Interested persons can visit the information page on eCommerce and Woocommerce design services. That page explains the basics of the service offerings of Propelfolio and how Florida-based businesses from Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach, Jacksonville to Miami, and everywhere in between are leveraging the company’s best-in-class website design capabilities. Industries served include charter boats, air charter services, and others that are common in the tourism-based economy of South Florida. Others that are more focused on eCommerce include medical supply companies. Many B2B offerings such as medical or healthcare supply rely on Internet-based ecommerce transactions. Woocommerce is but one of the key ways that this can be enabled for a WordPress website. Persons interested in the medical supply industry can visit the information page at


The new page showcases eCommerce capabilities. Many small business owners, however, are fond of the WordPress platform for their websites. In this way, they leverage the vast community of open source plug-ins plus a huge ecosystem of design consultants and WordPress designers not just in South Florida but across the world. Sometimes, however, a stumbling blog occurs. The original WordPress website design company is not familiar with Woocommerce. This is where the new content page can be helpful. A business owner, whether in Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach, Jacksonville or Miami, or anywhere in Florida can learn that the design of a Woocommerce website is a specialized skill. They then read the new content and potentially reach out to Propelfolio for a no obligation consultation.


Propelfolio is a best-in-class website design company, serving South Florida cities such as Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Miami, and Ft. Lauderdale as well as Jacksonville and Deerfield Beach. Their team of top-rated web designers work with your business, small or large, to create a best-in-class website based on WordPress or Woocommerce. Indeed, Propelfolio is a team of not only WordPress website designers but also experts in Woocommerce website design. Industries served include B2B website design as well as small businesses including HVAC, medical supply, and restaurants. Further along, the web design company creates jewelry websites as well as charter boat, retail, tutoring and even air charter or manufacturer website design.