Business-to-business (B2B)? Yes, You Need a B2B Website Design Expert

B2B Website Design (Business-to-business Web Design)Does your business sell products or services to other businesses? If so, then your website should have a B2B-friendly design. The industry of your business does not even matter. Whether you’re running a manufacturing company or retail store, you must design an attractive B2B ecommerce website for it. We’re based here in Boca Raton and have built many B2B websites on the WordPress platform, not just for South Florida businesses as in Miami or Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach, but for companies all over the world.

What makes our B2B website designs different? 

B2B websites are a little different than traditional B2C (business to consumer) websites. Since your target audience is other business people, you don’t want to just post advertisements all over the place. Business people have a particular agenda when they look to do business with other companies. You must show them that you can satisfy their agenda.

To accomplish this task, your website needs to include educational resources. Even though it might be an ecommerce website design, it should also include books, webinars, and calls to action. The design should revolve around these three elements because they will attract more B2B-friendly clients.

Of course, this is only our suggestion. We’ll design your B2B website any way you want. When you contact us for a free consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to provide all the details and ideas you have for your B2B website design. It is our job to make those ideas come to life with the design we create for you.

For instance, we might suggest that you use WordPress or WooCommerce for your ecommerce website because our designers believe they’re the most effective platforms for B2B websites. But if you’d prefer to use a different platform, our designers can accommodate your wishes.

Contact Us for B2B Website Design

For more than 15 years, Propelfolio Website Design has designed high-quality B2B websites for clients throughout the country. If your company sells to other businesses and needs a website, you should contact us immediately at 561-246-3781 or use the contact form. Then you’ll learn more specific details about our services and prices.